Online Training

As a Tech Cheerleader, I’m here to help you learn how to utilize online marketing and launches—so you can create an online business that goes cha-ching, 24 hours a day, and share your life’s purpose on an international scale.

:: Want to master the fundamentals of e-mail + social media marketing?
:: Learn how to update + revamp your own website, without a designer?
:: And stay in front of the latest tech-trends + business-building gems?

Keep reading to find out more about my programs that allow you to train yourself below.

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The ONE Program 

 The ONE Program is the only program your business needs to market, launch & put money in the bank.

Many business owners are reactive marketers, when in reality, you create such a stronger business when you learn how to become a proactive marketer.

And regardless what you think, you are a marketer. A marketer of your greatest gifts and strengths. You must learn the fundamentals of what it takes to build an extraordinary online business that reaches people all over the globe.

The ONE is made up of a video library that will not only tell you but will also show you exactly what you need to be doing to get your business out in front of your ideal customers. There are swipes files to help you customize for your business. Along with worksheets to make sure you implement every step.

As a lifetime member you will receive monthly live workshops to help you stay on your business A-game.


Leverage the Launch for Lucrative Results
A FREE Training Series

Leverage the Launch for Lucrative Results teaches online entrepreneurs how to leverage product launching to create lucrative sale results.

Learn exactly what it takes to create a product that you launch online that will yield lucrative results for your business.

In this 4-Part Video Training Series I busts the myths about launching online. I also share my Product Launch Plan Template which is a printable PDF so that you can plan each and everything out!


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