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My 2014 Reflection to Welcome in 2015!

This time of year entrepreneurs glow with gleam as they begin to plan out the new year and everything they are going to do! But how much time have you taken to reflect and appreciate where you came from in the last 365 days? Even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Let’s celebrate andContinue Reading

Want FREE Business Coaching?

Want FREE Business Coaching?

Want FREE Business Coaching? Well you’re in luck. I’m hosting my first Google Hangout on Wednesday, April 9th at 1p eastern. And I want YOU there for FREE Business Coaching. Join me for this Completely FREE Event Click here to register or on the button below to register, then enter your name and email addressContinue Reading

Making $h!t Happen.

Yep, I did it. That’s the blog post’s title. It won’t do much for SEO but I couldn’t think of a better title. I’m a child of the 90’s so Mariah Carey’s – Make It Happen is playing in my head right now as I type this. I think you should also listen as youContinue Reading

How to Land More Media Interviews

What online entrepreneur doesn’t want to land more media interviews? Utilizing the media can be one of the most effective ways to establish yourself as an expert while telling people about your brand, product, or services. When I coach online preneurs, we create a media plan to help them maximize their presence and spread theirContinue Reading

What Every Successful Launch Includes

What Every Successful Launch Includes

Do you want to know what makes up a successful launch for your product? Of course you do! A successful launch includes the following: A Plan The first step to launching anything successfully is having a plan. Planning out your launch is especially important, as there are many different areas. When planning out your launch,Continue Reading

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